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Re: wireless products

Actually, that sounds like a 24dBi parabolic grid, which is what DTN
normally deploys, though they have about a 3 degree margin of error at
25 miles.  25 miles is the theoretical distance that can be achieved
with fcc power limits using such high-gain antennas, but due to the fact
that they dont dedicate these connections, DTN deploys either multiple
sector antennas or very low gain omni directional antennas at their
access points.

If you want a link between these locations, you're going to need to
line-of-sight, any foliage blocking it violates what is known as the
fresnel zone (pronounced Fra-nell), search for it online... it doesnt
have to be perfect line of sight at that distance, but it needs to be
close.. you can probably also survive with 18dbi grids which are about 1
foot by 1.5 or so... (I can bring in a ton of this stuff at the next
meeting if you can wait that long, I do contract work for my ISP,
Monster Wireless (http://fastmonster.net), which provides broadband
internet access to both myself and the local area using Alvarion
BreezeAccess FHSS 2.4 ghz radios (802.11b uses DHSS))

You'll also notice that even with lmr 400 cable, you're going to have a
serious loss at 75 feet, if you can afford outdoor radios, you're much
more likely to get a nice link... using much less cable.

Just for reference as well, I've heard some horror stories of DTN
speednet (from an ex-employee of theirs)..  So I wouldn't specifically
condone doing business with them.

Bill Fehring <luci@billfehring.com>

bigbadbil @ irc.nullirc.net/#null

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