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Re: wireless products

> ... I do contract work for my ISP, Monster Wireless 
> Just for reference as well, I've heard some horror stories of DTN
> speednet (from an ex-employee of theirs)..  So I wouldn't specifically
> condone doing business with them.

Because you work for a competing ISP, or because an ex-employee has unflattering 
stories about their former employer? Wow. How rare is that?

I'm sure both companies are getting the job done. Moreso than Verizon.
I'm just glad folks in rural IL not only A) have access to broadband, but,
B) have competing providers for it.

Too bad all those huge piles of money that SBC and Verizon and Qwest are 
collecting from us city-slickers under the smoke screen of funding the FCC's 
"universal broadband service" mandate isn't finding one dime to you guys on 
the front lines.



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