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Re: Advansys SCSI Controller and Fedora 2 kernel 2.6.7-1.494.2.2

On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 15:18, Erich Schroeder wrote:
>   The kernel#2.6.7-1.494.2.2 errata kernel does not include the advansys 
> module, so during the installation it failed and does not complete the 
> update of /etc/grub.conf.

Correct, I had this happen too.

The key is that it's not a Fedora thing, but a stock kernel thing. 
Several drivers are not considered "2.6 clean" and in newer stock 2.6.x
kernel releases, Linus & co. has organized so these drivers can be
disabled with a single checkbox.  Fedora does this, so these drivers
aren't offered.

2.6-based Fedora 2+ (and the planned RHEL 4 release) are striving to be
"as stock as possible."  Red Hat (among other vendors) have gotten a lot
of what it wanted in kernel 2.6, and like the improvements overall.

> Apt had, however, gotten to the point of removing the original kernel and
> entry in grub.conf.

Er, no, that did _not_ happen to me.  It left my old kernels.  Apt-get
_never_ removes older kernels for me at least, they _always_ remain.

But it _would_ be nice if the post-install script would at least build
an initrd with what it _could_ find.  I had to do that manually (see #4
and #5 at URL below) -- be sure to _watch_ your apt-get messages!

I am using the apt-get from Fedora.US.  If you are using the apt-get
from FreshRPMS.NET, I would _cease_ using it and fetch the one from
Fedora.US.  100% of my apt issues went away 1 year ago when I stopped
using anything from FreshRPMS.NET.

> Trying simple rescue and reinstallion of an earlier kernel didn't work
> right because grubby couldn't find a template.

Do it manually.  Mount the filesystems, chroot and run GRUB that way.

> If apt is configured to allow duplicate copies of kernel, it just
> fails to add the new kernel to grub.conf but leaves the system
> rebootable.

That must be the default of one from Fedora.US.  I would _never_
automate the removal of old kernels.  I do it manually with rpm -e and
editing grub.conf.

> So I have learned:
>   It's good to keep the kernel upgrades done by hand

No problems where, but I do watch for crapouts.  I did when I did an
"apt-get dist-upgrade" from FC1 -> FC2 (see above URL).

> I'm very glad that several years ago I started keeping my data and OS on 
> different partitions, even though I sometime run low on space.

I keep the following on my home workstation:

And server:
  /srv <-- FHS 2.3 (ftp, www, pgsql, etc...)
  /home/(user dirs)
  /home/(static files)

> Pretty soon it will be time to replace the advansys card with something 
> else, I guess. I'm actually not using the card at the moment, but when I 
> do it runs an old scanner, luckily not an important hard drive.

Or you _could_ rebuild your kernel from SRPMS.  Just modify the .config
to include those "2.6 non-clean" drivers, or the Advansys card
specifically.  I do this all the time.

> There is more information on dealing with this at:
> http://www.city-fan.org/ftp/contrib/drivers/advansys/

I was trying to find the homepage.  Thanx!

Time to switch: http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/switch.html
Bryan J. Smith                                   b.j.smith@ieee.org

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