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Re: Advansys SCSI Controller and Fedora 2 kernel 2.6.7-1.494.2.2

On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 17:05, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> Use LVM (the next time you reinstall).  Then you can shuffle around
> your free disk fairly painlessly.

Before 2.6/LVM2, I always kept a "free" primary partition (aim for 4GB
for /, or 1GB for /boot) that is equal to the others, and then a "free"
logical partition that was equal to most others (aim for 12GB for most
/usr, /usr/local, etc..., or 4GB for swap, /tmp, /var, etc...).

Now with 2.6/LVM2, I keep a "free" primary still, but I setup partition
4 as 8Eh and I just reserve 10-20% of the remaining for snapshots and
new partitions.

BTW, the newer kernel has device-mapper and does snapshots for LVM2.  I
would recommend _against_ running more than 1 type of LVM operation per
volume (snapshot, pvmove, software raid, etc...) at a time (race
conditions), but for 1 type of LVM operation at a time, it seems to be

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