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Re: Tools and Techniques

Hi Tim,

  I've done quite of bit of web development for corporate Intranets. I found that using Javascript for clientside applications worked very well, with Perl or CGI scripts on the server side processing. Using Javascript will allow you to work with all of the HTML form elements you describe, as will Perl. Javascript & Perl require no compiler, or IDE, heck with Javascript, you can even write and test scripts within your own PC workstation.(Netscape Navigator has a built-in Javascript debugger)

  PHP & Python, I used very little, and can't give you much advice on them . 

  Perl library Links : 

  Javascript Code Samples: 

  CGI/Perl Free samples 

  With some of my previous applications I'v actually written perl script that can intelligently write Javascript (code that writes other code :-) 


Roger Hill 

From: Tim McDonough <tim@mcdonough.net>
Date: 2004/12/10 Fri PM 01:39:38 CST
To: SILUG <silug-discuss@silug.org>,  LUCI <luci-discuss@luci.org>
Subject: Tools and Techniques

I'm looking for recommendations, tutorials, and tools/languages to use 
for developing applications that are web based -- the user need only 
have a browser and permissions to use the application.

Ideally I'd like to be able to have on screen forms with text boxes, 
check boxes, and radio button type elements. Drop down lists would be 
nice but not absolutely necessary. Any libraries or frameworks based 
on Perl, PHP, Python, HTML, etc. available that you can recommend?



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