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Re: Tools and Techniques

Tim McDonough wrote:

> A bit of clarification... 
> I want to do things on the server so the user only has to have a 
> browser be it IE, Firefox, Opera, etc. No special plug-ins, downloaded 
> modules, javascript enabled in the browser, etc.

Well, while I would recommend PHP/MySQL, I definitely would not discount 
JavaScript. Regardless of what you write the code in, if you're going to 
have any kind of substantial user interface, JavaScript makes them much 
more useable. If a user doesn't have a browser with JavaScript support 
you're going to be doing double the work anyway and there's no reason 
why they shouldn't have a good browser.

> I guess having read the comments so far the part I'm missing is a good 
> reference on using HTML/PHP to do forms, etc. The knowledge I'm 
> lacking is how to display a nicely formatted form, collect and 
> validate user input, and return results back to the form for editing 
> or viewing.

Sounds like you just need some XHTML/PHP examples to get you through. I 
recommend using the sites below for reference.

http://www.php.net (The manual rules.)


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