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Re: Maxtor or IBM/Hitachi

On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 01:30:46PM -0500, Herbie wrote:
> You don't say what Model # to avoid.

It doesn't matter.  Maxtor sucks.

Western Digital sucks slightly less, but I'd still avoid them.
(Running hot and being sensitive to heat is a *bad* combination.  They
can be reasonably reliable if you go a bit overboard with cooling

> I had several servers (20-30) with IBM Deskstar drives in 20/30/40GB 
> sizes, almost all of them failed within a 2 year period, so I would advise 
> staying away from them too. IBM drives are now owned by Hitachi FYI.

I've been avoiding IBM (and Hitachi) since the 2001 Deathstar
incident, but recently I've been forced to use some Hitachi drives.
(They are/were the only ones making 400GB SATA drives.)  It remains to
be seen how they hold up, but I've been told by people I trust that
Hitachi drives are reliable, so that does make me feel a bit better.

Samsung has been my first choice for the last few years, although more
recently I've been using Seagate almost exclusively, just for the
5-year warranty.  I haven't had any issues with either of the two yet
(in recent memory anyway).

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