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Re: An Open Letter to Red Hat: Guidelines for Fedora Core

On Tuesday 05 April 2005 01:24 pm, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> And that means at least 2 x 6-month revisions of Fedora Core will need
> to appear to continue the trust.  One like a traditional ".0" to
> introduce new features and force people to adopt them, and more of a
> ".1" that is a maturity beyond that release after issues have been
> resolved, and 3rd party libraries/software can be accommodated.

Updates are periodically released for each Fedora snapshot, right?  Wouldn't 
it be just as effective to look at the release date of the given snapshot, 
and then look at the dates and changelogs to see how many fixes have been 
released, how quickly, and if they were fixing big problems or just adding 
features?  From that information a user could determine for himself how he 
felt about the stability of a fully-updated Fedora vX.  It seems that such 
a scheme would be even more reliable than basing the assumption on an 
arbitrary numbering scheme that doesn't officially mean anything.

I mean, by somewhat arbitrarily presuming that x.0 is dangerous, x.1 is 
getting there, and anything from x.2 on is totally stable, you're (the 
general you - not just Bryan) basically assuming that things get more 
stable as time passes without major changes.  So, wait a few months after a 
Fedora snapshot is released and then upgradee + install all of the 
available updates.  Put "3.2" in /etc/fedora-release or where ever they 
keep the verion number (the last Red Hat-esque distro I installed was 
Yellow Dog), and sleep better at night. :)

> > in spite of some of the more fanatical users)
> Yep.  Too many Gentoo users assume they are getting a supercharged
> street racer.  Reality is that a Corvette with everything (raw torque)
> is just as good and more mainstream.

That reminds me - this is amusing:

--Danny, whose cars are all V8-powered ;)

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