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Re: Postfix Configuration

Thanks!  That's going to make things much easier!  I installed the GPL
version on the Fedora 7 LAMP configuration.  (This server is just for
testing right now)

This is going to greatly simplify changes in the future.

I found a procedure to manually set up the virtual accounts, and it's
probably good to set them up one time manually to understand what is going
on, but that script automates a whole lot of work, and saves lots of time.

I appreciate the great pointers.

Ricky Bryce

> You may get a lot of questions answered by experimenting with the the
> following script and looking at how they set it up the system.
> I can't comment on the manual setup of a LAMP mail server setup as my
> expertise is not there however I am very familiar with the GPL version
> of the Virtualmin script to setup either a Centos5 or Debian server.
> I setup a vpslink-5 / Centos4 server using the Virtualmin Pro install
> script (the pay version of the script) which is so magical to me that it
> is seemingly sent to us by the Ancients if you're familiar with SG1 :-)
> A lot of the pro version has trickled down into the GPL version now.
> Most notably the install script.
> They now offer a GPL version of the script for Centos5 and Debian
> http://www.webmin.com/virtualmin.html
> The links on the left under Virtualmin Links are the ones you may want
> to read about and try.
> http://www.webmin.com/vinstall.html
> You will have to rent a temporary secondary vpslink server to experiment
> so you don't mess up your manual install but it may be worth every penny
> to try it.
> You can setup virtualmin manually under webmin but it really is a
> complex setup so the setup script is the way to go.
> Also I had to manually install yum and the other program that Centos
> requires for installing programs because the initial vpslink server is
> very minimal.
> This may not be the case anymore since it has been a long time since I
> set this up but I had to modify the path to these programs in the
> install script. Once that is done you run the script and just set back
> and watch the magic.
> That was back in the early adopter days so maybe the script has evolved
> a bit since then.
> I am going to experiment with the Virtualmin on EC2
> <http://www.webmin.com/ec2.html> setup in the near future. It's a bit
> pricey if you run it 24-7 but for experimentation it is reasonable.
> Hope this helps,
> John Wolgamot
> ricky@learnautomation.com wrote:
>> I hope you are all doing well!  Happy Thanksgiving.  It's been a while
>> since I've been to the luci site.  I thought I would run something by
>> you.
>> I bought one of the virtual servers at vpslink.com.  I'm very happy with
>> it, and right now am running Link (package) 2 with 5 Gigs hdd space, and
>> 128 Megs of RAM.  Accessing the server through Secure shell.  The server
>> is an a LAMP configuration.
>> I'm really trying to stay completely non-proprietary with this server,
>> so
>> am setting up everything manually without licensed software such as
>> cpanel.  It's mostly a learning experience for me.
>> Apache is up and running perfectly, and so are the virtual hosts.  I'm
>> going to host several websites on this machine.
>> The problem I'm running into is in the postfix configuration for the
>> virtual hosts.
>> I know I can get postfix to run with squirrelmail because it's on the
>> local machine, and I'm only using squirrelmail for the local host
>> account.
>> I'm trying to take this issue one step at a time, so the first thing I
>> would like to do is to get postfix to receive mail from
>> ricky@ethernetgateway.com, and map the mail to the rbryce account on the
>> virtual machine.  I'm wanting to use separate mailboxes with system
>> accounts, so I think Aliasing is the way to do this.
>> Consider a default LAMP configuration with sendmail erased and postfix
>> and
>> dovecot installed.  Also, please consider, this is the first time I've
>> tried to configure postfix.  I do have Webmin installed also, and SSL
>> enabled.
>> If I go to main.cf in /etc/postfix/,
>> alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases is uncommented
>> rbryce is an existing UNIX system user (created by adduser)
>> In /etc/aliases (at the very bottom of the file rbryce:
>> ricky@ethernetgateway.com exists
>> I've used the command postconf -e "virtual_alias_domains =
>> ethernetgateway.com
>> and
>> postconf -e "virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual"
>> To create a map database, I've typed
>> postfix /etc/postfix/virtual
>> (restarted postfix)
>> When I go to yahoo, and send a message to my ricky@ethernetgateway.com
>> address, I am not getting a bounce.
>> When I su to rbryce on the server, and type "mail" I get "no mail for
>> rbryce" when I would have expected to receive a message.
>> If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it...
>> Or even recommend a good web document, it would be appreciated.  Maybe I
>> have some conceptual errors as to how to configure the mail.  Once I get
>> postfix running right, I'll be happy with this server.  (I'm happy
>> already!)
>> Take care!
>> Ricky Bryce
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