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Re: Thinkpad 760EL floppy?

> > On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Danny Sauer wrote:
> > > So, I've come into an IBM Thinkpad 760EL.  It has a CD drive, and the
> > > ability to boot from just about anything *but* the CD drive.  Argh.

For the amazing conclusion to the story that I'm sure everyone's interested 

- bought laptop-IDE to "real"-IDE adapter
- installed SuSE with reiserfs root partition (the "install to directory" 
thing in YaST is cool)
- forgot to build initrd with reiserfs module and/or kernel with reiser 
support when installing (not quite as cool)
- shorted out "something important" on the bottom of the drive when it was 
hooked up to a PC for the second time (opposite of cool)
- sold broken drive on eBay (people will buy anything)
- bought new, larger, working drive on eBay for just slightly more than 
broken drive sold for
- bought newer faster laptop on eBay with bigger drive and boot-from-CD 

Future plans:
- sell slow IBM laptop for a profit on eBay, with Linux preinstalled (just 
to mess with whoever buys it)

--Danny, hoping for a slightly smoother install next time

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