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I think the entire American work ethic is insane. For your particular 
issue, it might do to contact a lawyer, but in general do you not think 
that working 70+ hours a week is ridiculous anyway, whether or not your 
being paid for it? Such practice is illegal in other first world 
countries, the European union for example, has a mandate on a bi-weekly 
cap on hours whereby an employee can only work to a set maximum. Pasted 
detail follows.

Directive 93/104/EC lays down provisions for a maximum 48 hour working 
week (including overtime), rest periods and breaks and a minimum of four 
weeks paid leave per year, to protect workers from adverse health and 
safety risks.

     *  a maximum 48 hour working week averaged over a reference period;
     * a minimum daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours a day;
     * a rest break where the working day is longer than six hours;
     * a minimum rest period of one day a week; and
     * a statutory right to annual paid holiday of 4 weeks;
     * night working must not exceed eight hours a night on average

Normal hours of work for night workers must not exceed an average of eight 
hours in any 24-hour period. Workers shall be entitled to a free health 
check-up before being employed on night work and at regular intervals 
thereafter. Anyone suffering from health problems connected with night 
work must be transferred, wherever possible, to day work.


On Sat, 19 Nov 2005, Bryan J. Smith wrote:

> On Sat, 2005-11-19 at 16:24 -0600, David Cloyd wrote:
>> Hey all I don't normally post but I thought this might shed some light on
>> the question at hand.  I believe that an employer may pay you a fixed amount
>> regardless of the number of hours worked if you fall into specific
>> occupations which are exempted from the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act),
> I _am_ an "EXEMPT" employee and salaried.  I accept this.  I have _no_
> problem with this.  That's just a fact of life.  I am paid for working
> 40, and I work 70+ hours/week.  I figured 50+ hours/week was going to be
> the deal anyway.
> My wife wanted me home, and the firm in St. Louis I was contracting at
> wouldn't guarantee a permanent position (at least not until I gave
> notice -- but that wasn't a door I wanted to open after already
> accepting the new position).  So I accepted that.
> What I have an "issue" with is that my contract states I get 7 holidays
> per year.  I'm now getting 5 or 6 holidays per year (depending on the
> outcome of Christmas -- we still won't get a day for New Year's).  Now
> I'll probably end up working it just because I'm so busy I have to
> regardless.
> But it doesn't do much for moral when you have this type of company.
> One that is to tight that they screw over all their permanent employees
> like this.  It's bad enough that we only get 1 paid week of vacation per
> year, but now they're taking away vacation days they agreed to in the
> written and mutually signed contract.
> I was just wondering if anyone here has ever seen a company that doesn't
> give a day for Christmas and New Year's off when it falls on a weekend?
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