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On Sat, 2005-11-19 at 22:07 -0600, Herbie wrote:
> I think the entire American work ethic is insane.

Well, small company, new projects/products, etc..., I'm an engineer and
that means the company lives or dies on my work.

> For your particular issue, it might do to contact a lawyer,

Okay, let's step back for a moment.  I _never_ said that I had a problem
with working the hours.  Let's get that straight.

What I had a problem with was -- given my "dedication" to the company --
the "nickle'n diming" on the holidays.  It's a real morale killer and
it's pretty sad when they don't want to thank you by merely honoring
their commitments when you're giving so much for the company.

> but in general do you not think that working 70+ hours a week is
> ridiculous anyway, whether or not your being paid for it?

Again, not my complaint.  I just thought it was rather pathetic how they
want to still "nickle'n dime" people like myself by taking away the
minimum on holidays.

> Such practice is illegal in other first world countries, the European
> union for example, has a mandate on a bi-weekly cap on hours whereby
> an employee can only work to a set maximum. Pasted detail follows.

Again, small company, not my complaint.  My complaint was about the
holidays.  It really sapped my morale after putting in so much work for
the company.

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