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Re: Postfix Configuration

Thanks, Jeff.  OpenVZ is not an acceptable way to serve up a Virtual
Machine I figured that out within hours without knowing that much. I tried
to install apache on a Link 1 and immediately got a memory error.  VPSLink
sets up twice your physical memory as swap, so that's workable.

Thanks for the Link to the review!

My boss has just approved Link 3.  We are a very small company, and money
is really tight, so this will be unmanaged...  No CPANEL, so everything is
set up manually.  I tried the host-in-a-box, but didn't really care for
it.  Besides, I learn a lot more this way.  Getting my butt kicked up
between my shoulders once in a while is a good thing.

This configuration works out well for PHP and MySQL with Apache.  (LAMP). 
I'm seriously looking at ROR (Ruby on Rails).  It's really not a standard
yet, but I'm getting a little bored with PHP, so am wanting to try it out!
 What do you think?  Have you messed with it?  When I started in PHP and
MySQL about 10 years ago, it saved an unbelievable amount of time in
managing pages.  I've never set up an ROR application yet, but I'm excited
about checking it out.

Take care!  Have a Merry Christmas!

Thanks so much for the Input!!!  I've learned more than I could imagine
from this experiment, but now it's turning into a reality.

> ricky@learnautomation.com wrote:
>> Thanks for the input, Jeff...  I'll definitely experiment with those
>> recommendations when I get back home.  You cleared up some conceptual
>> errors I had.
> Glad to hear it.
>> Before I go too far with this server, I am definitely interested in the
>> reasons why you set VPSLink aside, and am wondering if you have any
>> suggestions for better alternatives.  It would be neat to have a VPS box
>> with an IPV6 address for more experimentation if you know anyone who has
>> that option available.   This is the first time I've tried VPSLink, and
>> I'm using the XEN hypervisor.  I tried OpenVZ, but quickly learned
>> (within
>> hours) that wasn't going to work out for me as well as XEN.
> VPSLink is now offering Xen?  That makes a difference.
> When I was using them, they just had the OpenVZ service.  They used to
> set up the boxes with no swap, and adding swap wasn't allowed.  As a
> result, you'd run out of memory a lot more easily, and see random stuff
> fall prey to the Out-Of-Memory killer.
> Here's a post with more detail, from a former co-worker of mine:
> http://changelog.complete.org/posts/569-Review-of-VPSLink.html
> But if they're offering Xen now, things may be better.  For me, the
> problem was obvious, so if you're happy with the Xen instance, they're
> probably OK.
>> The great thing is that there is no rush for this project.  My company
>> is
>> currently on a shared hosting plan which will work fine until we figure
>> out the best route to take.  I'm definitely open for ideas if anyone
>> knows
>> better options for the price.   I've done a lot of PHP work on the site,
>> and some of the scripts are slow to run on the current server, so we are
>> looking for something with "more guaranteed" resources.
> I seem to recall that Steve was hosting some Xen instances for people;
> if you're looking for something a little more robust than the
> bargain-basement mass-market hosting, that might be an interesting route
> to take.  OTOH, I may be mis-remembering, or something may have changed.
> I ended up on RimuHosting, which is working out for me.
> -
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