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Re: Postfix Configuration

ricky@learnautomation.com wrote:
> Thanks for the input, Jeff...  I'll definitely experiment with those
> recommendations when I get back home.  You cleared up some conceptual
> errors I had.

Glad to hear it.

> Before I go too far with this server, I am definitely interested in the
> reasons why you set VPSLink aside, and am wondering if you have any
> suggestions for better alternatives.  It would be neat to have a VPS box
> with an IPV6 address for more experimentation if you know anyone who has
> that option available.   This is the first time I've tried VPSLink, and
> I'm using the XEN hypervisor.  I tried OpenVZ, but quickly learned (within
> hours) that wasn't going to work out for me as well as XEN.

VPSLink is now offering Xen?  That makes a difference.

When I was using them, they just had the OpenVZ service.  They used to 
set up the boxes with no swap, and adding swap wasn't allowed.  As a 
result, you'd run out of memory a lot more easily, and see random stuff 
fall prey to the Out-Of-Memory killer.

Here's a post with more detail, from a former co-worker of mine:


But if they're offering Xen now, things may be better.  For me, the 
problem was obvious, so if you're happy with the Xen instance, they're 
probably OK.

> The great thing is that there is no rush for this project.  My company is
> currently on a shared hosting plan which will work fine until we figure
> out the best route to take.  I'm definitely open for ideas if anyone knows
> better options for the price.   I've done a lot of PHP work on the site,
> and some of the scripts are slow to run on the current server, so we are
> looking for something with "more guaranteed" resources.

I seem to recall that Steve was hosting some Xen instances for people; 
if you're looking for something a little more robust than the 
bargain-basement mass-market hosting, that might be an interesting route 
to take.  OTOH, I may be mis-remembering, or something may have changed.

I ended up on RimuHosting, which is working out for me.

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